Rock History – The Musician’s Perspective (Print Edition)


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Rock History-The Musician’s Perspective

This rock history 386 page print version textbook covers all eras and styles of rock history.  It is designed for use in the College and High School classroom.  This comprehensive work features discussion questions and a link to the website  Rock History-The Musician’s Perspective-the new standard for rock history education.

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Rock History-The Musician’s Perspective is the comprehensive three-part rock music history textbook designed for college (and related) level music courses.  This eighteen chapter book takes the reader through the early roots of rock music to the evolution of the blues and its impact on early rock ‘n’ roll.  Every early rock icon is explored from Little Richard and Chuck Berry to the British supergroups such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream, The Who, and Led Zeppelin.  The American answer follows with many iconic bands and artists such as The Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix.  Part two profiles the genres of folk-rock, art rock, country and southern rock.  Then, heavy metal and hard rock are explored followed by classic rock bands, singer-led classic rock artists, and progressive rockPart three begins with punk rock, new wave followed by the pop-rock genre and rock in the “big” 1980’s, the grudge movement of the 90’s, and alternative rock.  A chapter on important styles that mixed with rock continue and the book concludes with a special chapter on visionary artists and bands that have pointed to the future of rock music.  Rock History-The Musician’s Perspective will provide you with the complete history of rock music.

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