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Classic Rock History

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Classic Rock History is a new and exciting book for rock music enthusiasts of  all ages that enjoy the many rock subgenres that developed over the past 75 years.

Dr. Rob Brosh takes you inside the music of the legendary classic rock artists and bands that changed the course of rock history.  From the British Invasion bands to the American Answer, all of rock’s subgenres are represented including; heavy metal and hard rock, punk-rock, grunge, alternative rock, country-rock, progressive rock and more.  The most influential rock legends, such as Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen, are profiled as well as various topics and issues connected to rock music.  The many colorful illustrations capture the spirit of each rock music style and genre.  Have you have ever wondered why Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page used a violin bow on his guitar or why heavy metal became the most popular rock subgenre internationally? Classic Rock History is a must have to expand your rock music knowledge.

Classic Rock History connects you to dozens of rock’s groundbreaking  albums, hundreds of rock’s greatest songs, and gives you an in-depth look at what made rock music the most exciting and evolving combination of subgenres in music history.

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