Early rock ’n’ roll trivia game – Who Said It?


Trivia Questions from chapters one to six  from the book, “Rock History – The Musician’s Perspective”

Early rock ’n’ roll trivia game Who Said It?


“I sing Gospel music because it makes me feel free…it gives me Hope”
“I started writing songs after I heard Hank Williams Sr.”
“The early rockabilly guitarists like Cliff Gallup (with Gene Vincent) and Scotty Moore (with Elvis Presley) were just as important to me as the blues guitarists”
“If you tried to give rock ‘n’ roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry”
“I tried to copy Robert Johnson, but his style of simultaneously playing a disjointed bassline on the low strings, rhythm on the middle strings, and lead on the treble strings while singing at the same time was impossible to even imagine”
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